An entrepreneur.

Luca is the founder of Gomma and Gomma Books Ltd. The Art Director of the yearly Gomma Photography Grant. And he was the mastermind behind Radical Matter, the training photography organization. 

He is currently working on a new project called Noosh (a submission manager platform). And Gumo: an invitation-only photography webpage and application.


Luca has worked with, published and interviewed some of the most revelant personalities in the world of photography.  To mention just a few: Daido Moriyama, Michael Ackerman, Keizo Kitajima, Anders Petersen, Jacob Aue Sobol, Trent Parke, Araki, Nikolay Bakharev and Wim Wenders.

Through the yearly photography contest Gomma Grant he helps spotting unknown artists and launching and promoting their careers. He also regularly reviews portfolio and guides photographers.

Award-winning photographer.

In the field of photography Luca has received various awards and recognition such as: the third prize at Pride Photo Awards, the People Choice Award at PX3, first prize at Simulacrum contest (judged by Richard Billingham), official selection at VOIES Off, first prize at Meet My Word, Honourable Mention at the LENS CULTURE Exposure, and Shortlisted in the renonwned Dewi Lewis Publisher Awards.

Luca took part to Photovoice Auction with his series Dolomites, and exhibited in numerous Art Fairs and collective exhibitions: FOTO8 Summer Show, Kolga Tbilisi, Arles Photography Open Salon. In addition, he juried various awards, such as the The Melbourne Awards, The Daylight Photo Awards, DEBUT, Lugano Photo Festival, Photo Lucida Critical Mass and the Crestock Photo Contest.

His work 'My Dearest Javanese Concubine' has been published into a limited and trade edition, respectively by VOID and BlowOut Press.

Pushing the medium of photography.

In 1999 he created three series titled: Mexikana, Industriale and Metropolitana with which he buried, burned and intentionally damaged with fungus and humidity, his own films so to create stunning imagery.

The works were exhibited exclusively at Art Fairs and published at 125 Fashion and Art Magazine.

Published fiction writer

Luca published his first novel in 2012 titled 'Londra Brucia', the book is now sold-out and a sought-after title.

His latest novel is titled '206065' and is a cross-genre set in the year 2060. Soon to be published.

Londra Brucia.

"L’On the road di Kerouac è diventato l’on the tube di Johnny A. Un viaggio pieno di emozioni in una Londra decadente, ma pur sempre affascinante di inizio millennio. Londra Brucia è uno schiaffo alla realtà accompagnato da un abbraccio." Oubliette Magazine 

Performer, actor, model.

Luca studied acting and drama in London for eight years, with tutor Craig Snelling. He was a member of 2020 Casting agency and took part in various acting and modeling jobs, such as playing the punk boyfriend of Kate Moss for American Vogue (shot by Mario testino); Times TV advert, Hommes International, Pepe Jeans ad campaign. After moving to Budapest - and thereafter in Berlin - he continued the acting school, resp. at Dramaworks and Inca.

Model Scout.

Luca Desienna in addition works as an independent model scout, spotting interesting and unusual faces on an international level.


Please feel free to contact Luca, you are very welcome...

On creativity...

"The more you try to be creative, the less creative you will be. Conscious effort to be creative comes in your way to be creative... It is not a question of what you do, it is the question of how you do it. And ultimately it is a question of whether you do it or you allow it to happen.”. Osho


Proposals, for jobs/ projects etc...

Synthetic Milk.

Between the years 1995 and 1999 Luca was the founder and art director of Synthetic Milk: a clothing label and shop unit in epic Kensington Market, London. His conceptual shop was selling student designers' garments and cutting edge labels like Mickey Brazil;

Synthetic Milk was a sought-after little gem that attracted customers from all over the world, and especially from Japan. The previous owner of his unit A12 was Queen's singer Freddy Mercury.


In 1993 Luca created and directed together with electronic music singer Tying Tiffany the legendary after hour club Kinklight. The venue hosted artists, deejays and vocalists from around the world, and especially from the New York undergound scene such Emmanuelle, Richard Move and Matteo Sorbellini; furthermore it also hosted the notorius Mutoid Waste Co.,

Before there was Kerosene.

In 1999 Luca formed and launched an online community for photographers and photo enthusiasts.

The website gathered an overwhelming following and represented the prelude of Gomma, which was launched in 2004.